Security starts with self and family, our homes, the community and ultimately the entire population. The beneficiary are our children. Protection is a moral aspect base on knowledge and autonomy. Knowing all external source of danger will help find a solution to keep our love one safe.


God has given freely and in abundance. All we need is all our Kombit to unify for healthier food and stopping hunger in our streets. Lets reengineer our land, aqua-systems and its security, our productions and harvest to bring a resolution to this centralized chaos of Port-au-Prince.


We, Haitians, in HISTORY were the pioneer in Megalopolis. Our stories tells us more about our true abilities but for now our sewers, water lines, roads and homes will express all that we want to be: “Great." So lets build it right the first time. All we need is willingness, dedication, tools and abilities.


We need to create all type of equipments in Haiti for the people by the people. Our mind is more powerful then the classification of schools. Liberate your mind and do what you love and what you were created for. “Free at last yes, I am free at last” Martin Luther King

together, it's time for

Lets help ourselves get off the ground. All we need is each other.

Member's Benefit

Advocacy and immunity

We offer classes on Civil Law, in order to give you the knowledge to avoid being a victim.

My Voice My Choice

Express your abilities through our Marketing and Entrepreneurship Platform. Participate in the symposium that will impact other people lives.

Education and Formation

We will give you access to new position within the company. First come first served.

Socio-Economic Program

We offer Credit Repair and Startup Partnership Program and training for those that meet the criteria.

Access to private investment

Be the first to invest in your own profession for your own benefit that also help others.

Community Strength

Opening your own Credit Union to obtain the financial strength you deserve.

We retain all right to change some of the requirement and qualification rights for some of the offered program.