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As technology has shown a significant role in the development of the Western World and its economic growth, Third World countries are still suffering to integrate advanced technologies into their system today.

With globalization and cooperation from developed countries advanced technologies can be infused into Third World countries.
Integration of technology in Third World countries will produce several advantages such as economic growth and development. Through integration of technology, Third World countries will have the opportunity to have a better connection with the rest of the world.
Driving technology can decrease the unemployment rate by creating more job opportunities in those countries. During recent years the United States and other developed countries have been using advanced technologies to significantly contribute to their market development and increase productivity, which Third World countries can also benefit from.

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Awaken Cargo and Credit Union

Combine Capabilities and unity to support the Diaspora Communities  and Businesses.

Our Projects Partners
IGI Recycling

Waste Recycling Partners Created to Empower clean water, landscapes and communities by creating from the waste sustainable energy and by other essential by-products.

Diaspora Federation

Empowering the Unification of the DIASPORA throughout the world. Bring awareness and intellectual property throughout the world Diaspora Communities.

AgroCulture Hercule LLC
Empowering communities through sustainable Agriculture. Agricultural Banking and developments. Only through a full belly can we start functioning to the Capacity God intended us to be.

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