Community Start with your family

John S. Mbiti in his book: African religions and philosophy says that “in traditional life, the individual does not and cannot exist alone except corporately. He owes his existence to other people… The community must therefore make, create or produce the individual… Only in terms of other people does the individual becomes conscious of his own being, his own duties, his privileges and responsibilities towards himself and towards other people” (1969, p. 108).

What this book doesn’t talk about is our RIGHTs as MEN: dominion over our lands, Gods creations and most the family He gave us. Start there, and the complex community will make sense, the society’s solution will become apparent.

It’s only when family is secure that the inevitable motion toward the future takes place.  


Stronger together

We Haitian, have inherited the concept of large family where the whole village is an extension the family. That is the why, as a child, we use to greet and address our elders as uncle (tonton) and aunty (matante). It is that concept of family that will give a sense of belonging to everyone. Family/community means mutual support psychologically, economically and physically.

Awaken the knowledge of your origination and your true VALUE

The historical accuracy of bloodline is important to us. Knowing where you came from will remind that you are the ultimate survivor from the Creation of your lineage. We offer material based on history and relevancy on the impact it makes. We all are proud of our children but we should also be proud of our community and country. The only way to stand strong as a family is to know the truth of why people are divided but why united under the term FAMILY we have a chance to reborn as a new Nation.

Lets Create Your Wealth together

Standing Together at Last

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